Home remedies for cough made with Onion and Garlic

A cough is an uncomfortable symptom that occurs when the immune system detects some virus and bacteria in the respiratory tract.

It is a defense mechanism that, through an explosive emptying of air from the lungs, eliminates germs and foreign agents that are detrimental to health.

It is usually accompanied by the excessive production of phlegm, congestion, and inflammation of the throat.

In addition, since it is common during the cold and flu, it can also occur with some irritation in the eyes, headaches, and malaise.

The good news is that there are some home remedies for cough, 100% natural, which thanks to its compounds, strengthen the immune system and accelerate the recovery of this problem.

In this article, we’ ll share a treatment of onion and garlic antibiotics and expectorant effects are useful to combat it.

Natural beverage from onion and garlic to combat cough

Home remedies for cough
Natural beverage from onion and garlic is an old remedy with antibiotic properties which, after being ingested, contributes to reducing the severity of a cough.

Its high concentration of anti-inflammatory agents, expectorant and antiviral is useful to clear the airway in cases of flu and cold.

Both onion and garlic are rich in a substance called allicin that, in addition to its particular flavor, gives very powerful medicinal effects.

Benefits of onion for the cough

The Onion is one of the vegetables that are most used in gastronomy, not only due to the flavor that it brings your meals but also due to its high nutritional value that benefits our health.

For years it has stood as a significant source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds.

These, after being assimilated into the body, strengthen the immune system and the processes that are responsible for removing toxins from the body.

Its sulfurous components have been classified as powerful antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, so they are ideal for treating conditions caused by viruses and bacterias.

It also has mucolytics and expectorants effects that are effective in the treatment of cough and expelling phlegm.

Ans if you think it was not enough, is a natural tonic for the respiratory ducts and promotes its inflammation and debugging.

Benefits of garlic for cough

Home remedies for cough, benefits of garlic

Garlic is a condiment that has become part of hundreds of cultures around the world for centuries.

Its spicy flavor and nutritional properties have become one of the ingredients inevitable feed millions of people.

In this particular case is distinguished by its expectorant and antibiotic effects contributing to killing germs that cause a cough.

These qualities, together with its anti-inflammatory action, promote the inflammation and airway cleaning. At the same time, it helps to strengthen the immune system to increase production of antibodies that destroy viruses and bacteria.

How to prepare these home remedies for cough with onion and garlic?

Garlic and Onion
This hot drink with onion and garlic is a very easy to prepare and, unlike other commercial products for cough, it does not produce unwanted side reactions.

Although it is not a miracle treatment for relief of this condition, its intake is an excellent complement to decrease the symptoms.


  • 2 cups (500 ml) water
  • ½ medium onion
  • 2 raw garlic


  • Add two cups of water into a pot and make it boil with medium heat.
  • Cut the onion and garlic into small pieces.
  • When the water is boiling, add the shredded onion and garlic.
  • Reduce heat and let Cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • After waiting for this time, let it cool down at a room temperature until it is suitable for consumption.
  • Pass it through a sieve and ingesting it.

How to use it:

  • Serve half a cup of the beverage and drink it in SIPs, as hot which supports it.
  • Take it at the first sign of cough or congestion.
  • Repeat 3 to 4 times a day, depending on the severity of the symptoms.
  • Ingesting it as part of the treatment of cough until you feel relief.

Are you ready to prepare this powerful natural remedy?

If you haven’t tried it and this problem is affecting you, follow the instructions and check by yourself how useful this is to control cough symptoms.

6 Unknown Effects that Anxiety Disorder is Causing to your body

Anxiety disorder

If you don’t manage it properly, the anxiety disorder can lead to a number of physical symptoms that may influence our life. It is important to find a solution to the root cause of the problem.

Timely anxiety, that lasts for a few hours or a few days because of a concern, an objective, a stressful event or a challenge to meet short term does not cause serious consequences in our body.

Now well, at the moment in which anxiety is maintained over time, is not managed and it’s allowed to even go for more, its psychological impact makes a dent in our health and various aspects of which we are not always aware.

Today we want to tell you about these effects, the impact that, sometimes, we associate with other dimensions and neglecting the root of the problem: our underlying anxiety.

1. Dilated Pupils

Image result

Not related to sensitivity to low light, pupillary dilatation is a symptom of an underlying problem that is necessary to know and treat.

  • Having dilated pupils may be due, among other reasons, to a State of maintained alert.

When our anxiety is high, it is common to experience this unusual little symptom that can lead us from dizziness, seeing strange lights around us and a reduction of our visual quality.

2. Difficulty swallowing

The difficulty in swallowing while we eat or drink is another very common symptom when we experience anxiety.

  • This symptom is called dysphagia and is a clear somatization of anxiety disorder. It relates to our glands that produce the saliva.
  • We should not forget that the anxiety has a very specific purpose: to prepare ourselves to escape.

Therefore, the main objective of our body is to save all liquids to take care of the muscles, because they are the ones who must help us to run, to flee, and thus, that liquid will be saved to be able to sweat.

If we don’t have saliva in the mouth because of the own anxiety, it is very difficult that we could chew food and therefore swallow it.

3. Headache

Anxiety Disorder

The anxiety disorder will make your veins and arteries of our body to contract with a very specific purpose: provide more blood to the muscles.

  • The circulation, therefore, is more intense, and this helps with vasoconstriction, which leads to a classic headache.
  • This type of headache is usually more common in the early hours of the day and in the evenings.

4. Pain in the jaw

There are certain areas of our body which tend to accumulate greater both anxiety and stress. We’re talking about the neck, shoulders, back and jaw.

If you notice that the jaw pain is more intense in the morning and it goes up to your ears, it is likely that you are suffering from bruxism, that means that your teeth are grinding at night because of the stress and anxiety.

It is necessary that we ask our doctors, although a dental splint can help us in these cases, the idea is that we work on finding the sources of the anxiety and manage them properly.

5. Go to the bathroom more often than usual due to anxiety

Everybody have experienced it once: when facing a situation of anxiety, such as a job interview or a test, it is common that we have to go to the bathroom several times.

  • It is common, but at the same time a curious fact because, when we suffer anxiety, kidney tends to produce less urine. The reason? Like I already mentioned before: Your body saves on liquids to offer them to the muscles.
  • At the same time, the basic need to eliminate unnecessary weight in order to escape faster, our brain commands us to go to the bathroom to eliminate urine, and this makes us go so many times to make only “a few drops”.

6. The derealisation: the feeling that what surrounds us is not real or we are not part of what we see

Image result

This is strange, but those who have experienced a period of intense stress or anxiety will know what we mean.

It is when, suddenly, we have a clear sense that what surrounds us is not real. It’s like seeing the world from the outside and we don’t feel part of it.

What is the reason for this? Well, we have to say, first of all, that if this phenomenon often happens to us we must discuss it with our doctor.

  • Intense anxiety affects our lungs.
  • What we do often is breathing very fast and when we accumulate too much oxygen is common to experience two things: the first is the hyperventilation, and the second one is to notice some sense of derealisation.

Our brain does not process properly this situation and it is common to notice this uncomfortable feeling.

In conclusion, we are confident that on some occasions, we might have noticed any of these symptoms. There is nothing wrong if this happens to us once or twice, the greater risk lies in the fact that these situations are something common and recurrent.

Ask for help, talk to your doctor and begin to better manage your sources of anxiety.

Use this 7 home recipes to prepare a colon cleanse

Colon Cleanse

In order to take good care of the colon, help with the colon cleanse and avoid the accumulation of toxins we include foods that are rich in fiber and have anti-inflammatory properties in our diet.

The colon plays a very important role in the digestive process since it takes care of removing toxins that the body does not need through feces.

Its proper functioning is key to the health of the whole body because, among other things, it also regulates electrolyte levels to be responsible for absorbing water and sodium.

However, its functions can be limited, since the waste overload and alterations of its flora bacteria reduce its effectiveness to work.

As a result, chronic episodes of constipation and inflammation that, not be controlled, it can progress to generate greater care diseases occur.

Because this is essential to support its work, increasing the consumption of fiber and preparing some natural remedies that promote it is something that can’t be missed.

In this opportunity, we share 7 good solutions so don’t hesitate to try them when you feel some kind of difficulty with this in your body.

1. Aloe Vera and Honey bee

colon cleanse, colonic irrigation

The combination of Aloe with honey bee offers a treatment with anti-inflammatory and laxative effect which, in a short time, controls constipation and colitis.


  • 4 tablespoons of aloe vera (60 g)
  • 2 tablespoons of honey (50 g )
  • ½ glass of water (100 ml)


  • Enter all ingredients in the Blender jar and process them until you obtain a homogeneous beverage.
  • Consuming it in fasting, 3 or 4 times a week.

2. Colon cleanse with carrot juice

Natural carrot juice contains fiber and antioxidants that help improve intestinal movement to promote the Elimination of waste.

Its compounds feed on the bacterial flora that protects the colon, and this improves response to infectious agents.


  • 3 carrots
  • ½ glass of water (100 ml)


  • Wash, Peel and cut up carrots, and blend them in a blender with half a glass of water.
  • Be sure to get a drink without lumps, and when it is ready, consume it immediately.
  • Take a glass every day, half an hour before breakfast.

3. Colon cleanWater-flaxseed

colon cleanse, colonic irrigation

While water from flaxseed has become popular as a supplement for weight loss, it is good to know that their properties will also benefit the health of the colon.

It contains fatty acids, omega 3 and high levels of fiber, which, after being assimilated, promoting the Elimination of waste.


  • 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds (20 g)
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)


  • Incorporates the seeds of flax in a glass of water and let them soak overnight.
  • The next day, you pass the liquid through a colander and eat it before breakfast.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Daily consumption of one tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar is sufficient to stimulate the live cultures of the colon and reduce excessive production of acid.

This ingredient acts as a natural alkaline which assimilated, it protects the digestive and intestinal health.


  • 1 teaspoon (10 ml) Apple Cider vinegar
  • 1 glass of water (200 ml)


  • Add a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach.
  • Take it at least 3 times a week.

5. Pear juice for colon cleanse

colon cleanse, colonic irrigation

PEAR juice concentrates high amounts of pectin, a kind of fiber with laxatives and anti-inflammatory properties that help to balance the health of the intestine.


  • 2 pears
  • ½ glass of water (100 ml)


  • Wash well the PEAR and chop it to facilitate your smoothie.
  • Mix it in a blender with half a glass of water and enjoy your freshly prepared juice.
  • Take it in fasting during 2 consecutive weeks.

6. Clean the colon with Apple juice

Natural Apple Juice is a digestive ally that, by its content of dietary fiber, improves the intestinal movement and removes wastes.

Its natural acids and anti-inflammatory properties help to relieve symptoms of indigestion and ulcers.


  • 3 blocks
  • ½ glass of water (100 ml)


  • Cut up the apples and mix in a blender with half a glass of water.
  • Consume the juice with an empty stomach, 3 times a week.

7. Banana and Yogurt

colon cleanse, colonic irrigation

Banana fiber binds with probiotics of yogurt to provide an anti-inflammatory remedy that reduces the difficulties of the colon.

These features balance the pH of the intestine and, in turn, easier to control constipation.


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 natural yogurt (125 g)


Incorporate the two ingredients into a blender and mix until you obtain a creamy smoothie.
Consume it before breakfast, at least 3 times a week.
Do you feel your difficulties and inflamed colon? Do not hesitate to prepare any of the mentioned remedies to restore their functions.

What are alkaline foods? What are the benefits ?

What are alkaline foods

Alkaline foods will help our body to be prepared to prevent and fight diseases. It also promotes heart health and could provide us with the task when it comes to weight loss.

Many of the foods that we include in our diet are considered alkaline, but most people are unaware of what their functions in the body and the benefits for the health. The PH of our fluids, including blood, and of our internal body should be slightly alkaline and maintain a balance since when there is an imbalance, either above or below, it means that we are living in the “Illness-Symptom” range.

What is the effect of alkaline foods?

Foods are classified according to two main categories, acid and alkali. The difference between both foods is the effect of pH of urine after consumption. Acidic foods increase the level of acidity; While the low-acid foods have an alkaline effect which counteracts the formation of acid in the body and thanks to this it helps to balance the body’s pH.

renal calculus
Image source: mejorconsalud.com

The pH is the range of the human body from acid to alkaline. As we said above, the idea is to maintain a balance between the two in order to maintain good health. The pH can vary between 0 and 14; 0 is completely acid and 14 is completely alkaline, so that the purpose of eating alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water, is attempting to level the pH so it is balanced.

For our body to enjoy good health and is not seriously affected, the body fluids on the pH scale must be at a level of between 7.35 and 7.45. It must never be more, or it should be less since any two conditions can be harmful.

What are alkaline foods?

Foods that are low in acid, are considered as alkaline. Their alkaline effect on the body is because you have the ability to balance the formation of acids in the body and thus balance the pH. Among the most common alkaline foods we can find are: fruits, vegetables, nuts, soy products, cereals, and legumes.

What are acidic foods?

Knowing the alkaline foods, their effects and benefits for the organism, it is also important to take into account those foods that are considered acidic, since they increase acid in the body and is important to consuming them moderately to achieve pH balance. We can be found among the acidic foods: meat, poultry, fish, processed foods, dairy products, refined flour, caffeine and sugar.

What are the benefits of an alkaline diet?

What are alkaline foods?

Including alkaline foods in the diet will help to regulate the pH and, thanks to this, our body will be better prepared to prevent and fight diseases.

  • The alkaline diet reduces the risk of kidney stones, since these foods increase the urinary pH, promoting the Elimination of toxins through the urine and also preventing the formation of this problem.
  • It counteracts the acidity in the blood help to fight degenerative diseases.
  • The alkaline foods delay bone loss and with this favor the growth and preservation of the bones, anticipating the osteoporosis.
  • These foods increase the called hormone of growth, (GH or somatotrophic hormone) to strengthen the muscular system, order to be stronger in back, tendinitis or cramping pain.
  • To counteract the acidity in the blood, these foods promote heart health, anticipating attacks and other diseases of the heart.
  • Different studies have found effects of alkaline foods, in the treatment of type II diabetes.
  • Patients who consumed alkaline foods were able to better control blood sugar levels in the blood than those did not eat them.
  • It stimulates the immune system and protects from diseases.
  • Some suggest that these foods can help to lose weight because fat cells are developed in an acidic environment and an abundance of waste, but to reduce the acid in the body, removed many toxins and wastes, that may promote weight loss.


Alkaline foods play a very important role in your health, and it is for this reason that you should try to include them more frequently in the diet. Remember that regulating the pH is very important for good health and is for this reason that we must try to maintain a balance with our food. If you want to take better advantage of the effects of alkaline foods, try to drink plenty of water daily and exercise regularly.

7 Combinations of alkaline foods that you can take throughout the week

A diet of alkaline foods will help us to take care of our body and improve our general health since pathogens require an acidic environment to reproduce.

We have all heard about the great benefits of alkaline foods.

However, it is quite possible that more than one person will one ask the following: is it really necessary to take the step and include such proposals every day in our diet?

We know that feeding stuff, there are trends and tips of alleged gurus who promise us health and well-being if we hold certain diets and specific tips.

In this case, and in regards to the alkaline foods, there is no doubt.

If you want to enjoy a better internal balance and a good quality of life, we should do it: take alkaline foods to our shopping basket and therefore to our plates, is a success.

Many of the things that we eat every day and that we enjoy, maybe in excess, are foods that have an acidifying effect: sugars, trans fats, dairy products, preservatives, sweeteners, chemicals, etc.

Moreover, alkaline foods typically contain a number of vitamins and minerals that balance our pH.

Not inflamed, not contain excessive calories and harmonize many of the basic functions of our bodies.

If you wonder now if it would be advisable to dispense completely with acidifying effect food to consume only the alkaline, the answer is ‘no’.

It is, as we have always discussed in our networks, to have a proper balance. In this case, the ratio is as follows: Ideally, consume a day not more than 30% of acidifying foods. The rest must be alkaline.

Now I will give you 7 choices for you to try to eat during the week:

Combinations of alkaline foods:

benefits avocato
Image source: mejorconsalud.com

1. Avocados and pomegranates
A great choice for our breakfast. Grenades have a detoxifying power, enhance cardiovascular health and are a treasure of vitamins (A, C) and minerals (magnesium).

Moreover, something as successful as combining them with medium avocado will further boost the alkaline power of both foods.

We must not forget that the avocado is one of the alkaline foods with more power. It is rich in monounsaturated fats and has as a main benefit of combating the acidity of our organism.

Would you try this combination?

2. Blueberries with carrots and dates

Carrots are moderately alkalizing.

They are not so such as avocados and lemons, but we instantly got an alkalizing remedy fabulous if we combine them with any fruit:

  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Currants
  • The elderberries

We encourage you to prepare a delicious natural juice, or a bowl of this vegetable and cut  the fruit into small pieces.

Don’t forget to include a few dates, they will give you a sweet touch and one even greater alkaline load.

3. Oats with kiwi.

combination of alkaline foods
Have you tried kiwi with oatmeal porridge? That is fabulous, a breakfast full, nutritious, filling and, above all, alkaline.

Among the foods ranging from a higher to a lower, alkalinity level these two are among the most remarkable.

Kiwi, for example, is richer in vitamin C which is an orange.

Oats, on the other hand, is the Queen of cereals, a food that takes care of our heart and our well-being and that we should be present each day of the week.

4. Watercress, algae and asparagus

This combination can be a complement to a fantastic dinner or a banquet, and ideal to accompany some salmon or a grilled breast.

Both the watercress, and algae and the asparagus will help reduce the acid in our bodies.
In addition to that, they will provide a large amount of iron and calcium, without forgetting the asparagine, an amino acid present in asparagus that will allow us to take care of our nervous system.

5. Broccoli with lemon and garlic

You don’t know what to have for dinner tonight? Then pointing this highly alkaline recipe: broccoli with garlic and lemon.

  • These three foods contribute to the alkalinization of the organism, and will help to eliminate these toxins that the body does not need, facilitating our internal balance and a proper PH level.
  • The combination of broccoli with lemon antioxidants enhance at the same time digestion and the Elimination of lipids and fats.
  • Garlic, for its part, contains allicin, which acts as a good antibiotic and an excellent anti-inflammatory to reduce, for example, fluid retention.

We assure you that this combination is so delicious as healthy.

6. Lime, lemon, papaya, parsley

te de perejil alimentos alcalinos

It might seem to you lik a proposal for something striking, bizarre and even daring. However, these 4 foods combined together have a great virtue: take care of your kidneys, debugging, and shrink them.

  • Papaya, for example, is considered a healthy laxative that there is suitable also for the cleaning of the colon.
  • Parsley, for its part, is the favorite plant of our kidneys.
  • Lime and lemon are two of the most alkaline fruits that nature has given to us: don’t hesitate to add them to this proposal.

7. Watermelon with cucumber

You can prepare a bowl with chunks of watermelon and cucumber, or take them to the Blender to serve you a refreshing juice.

Either way, we encourage you to try this natural recipe because they are two alkaline foods rich in fiber, plenty of water, lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C.

A drink light, once you discover it, it will be essential throughout the week.