7 Combinations of alkaline foods that you can take throughout the week

A diet of alkaline foods will help us to take care of our body and improve our general health since pathogens require an acidic environment to reproduce.

We have all heard about the great benefits of alkaline foods.

However, it is quite possible that more than one person will one ask the following: is it really necessary to take the step and include such proposals every day in our diet?

We know that feeding stuff, there are trends and tips of alleged gurus who promise us health and well-being if we hold certain diets and specific tips.

In this case, and in regards to the alkaline foods, there is no doubt.

If you want to enjoy a better internal balance and a good quality of life, we should do it: take alkaline foods to our shopping basket and therefore to our plates, is a success.

Many of the things that we eat every day and that we enjoy, maybe in excess, are foods that have an acidifying effect: sugars, trans fats, dairy products, preservatives, sweeteners, chemicals, etc.

Moreover, alkaline foods typically contain a number of vitamins and minerals that balance our pH.

Not inflamed, not contain excessive calories and harmonize many of the basic functions of our bodies.

If you wonder now if it would be advisable to dispense completely with acidifying effect food to consume only the alkaline, the answer is ‘no’.

It is, as we have always discussed in our networks, to have a proper balance. In this case, the ratio is as follows: Ideally, consume a day not more than 30% of acidifying foods. The rest must be alkaline.

Now I will give you 7 choices for you to try to eat during the week:

Combinations of alkaline foods:

benefits avocato

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1. Avocados and pomegranates
A great choice for our breakfast. Grenades have a detoxifying power, enhance cardiovascular health and are a treasure of vitamins (A, C) and minerals (magnesium).

Moreover, something as successful as combining them with medium avocado will further boost the alkaline power of both foods.

We must not forget that the avocado is one of the alkaline foods with more power. It is rich in monounsaturated fats and has as a main benefit of combating the acidity of our organism.

Would you try this combination?

2. Blueberries with carrots and dates

Carrots are moderately alkalizing.

They are not so such as avocados and lemons, but we instantly got an alkalizing remedy fabulous if we combine them with any fruit:

  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Currants
  • The elderberries

We encourage you to prepare a delicious natural juice, or a bowl of this vegetable and cut  the fruit into small pieces.

Don’t forget to include a few dates, they will give you a sweet touch and one even greater alkaline load.

3. Oats with kiwi.

combination of alkaline foods
Have you tried kiwi with oatmeal porridge? That is fabulous, a breakfast full, nutritious, filling and, above all, alkaline.

Among the foods ranging from a higher to a lower, alkalinity level these two are among the most remarkable.

Kiwi, for example, is richer in vitamin C which is an orange.

Oats, on the other hand, is the Queen of cereals, a food that takes care of our heart and our well-being and that we should be present each day of the week.

4. Watercress, algae and asparagus

This combination can be a complement to a fantastic dinner or a banquet, and ideal to accompany some salmon or a grilled breast.

Both the watercress, and algae and the asparagus will help reduce the acid in our bodies.
In addition to that, they will provide a large amount of iron and calcium, without forgetting the asparagine, an amino acid present in asparagus that will allow us to take care of our nervous system.

5. Broccoli with lemon and garlic

You don’t know what to have for dinner tonight? Then pointing this highly alkaline recipe: broccoli with garlic and lemon.

  • These three foods contribute to the alkalinization of the organism, and will help to eliminate these toxins that the body does not need, facilitating our internal balance and a proper PH level.
  • The combination of broccoli with lemon antioxidants enhance at the same time digestion and the Elimination of lipids and fats.
  • Garlic, for its part, contains allicin, which acts as a good antibiotic and an excellent anti-inflammatory to reduce, for example, fluid retention.

We assure you that this combination is so delicious as healthy.

6. Lime, lemon, papaya, parsley

te de perejil alimentos alcalinos

It might seem to you lik a proposal for something striking, bizarre and even daring. However, these 4 foods combined together have a great virtue: take care of your kidneys, debugging, and shrink them.

  • Papaya, for example, is considered a healthy laxative that there is suitable also for the cleaning of the colon.
  • Parsley, for its part, is the favorite plant of our kidneys.
  • Lime and lemon are two of the most alkaline fruits that nature has given to us: don’t hesitate to add them to this proposal.

7. Watermelon with cucumber

You can prepare a bowl with chunks of watermelon and cucumber, or take them to the Blender to serve you a refreshing juice.

Either way, we encourage you to try this natural recipe because they are two alkaline foods rich in fiber, plenty of water, lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C.

A drink light, once you discover it, it will be essential throughout the week.