Refined sugar, a dangerous food that stimulates cancer!

Major food related to the emergence of cancer include refined sugar, that is the one present in the majority of households in the world and we like it so much because for its taste.
Tumor cells need more sugar than normal cells. Once they manage to establish themselves in the body their power depends on availability to regulate glucose.

There are many factors that are related to the emergence of different types of cancers, but all of them have to do with the type of food. For many decades, researchers have focused on finding out what is the relationship between diet and cancer development, and have come to the conclusion that some foods can increase the risk of developing this disease.

Refined Sugar, a cancer food

According to researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, the refined sugar represents a high risk to health, to such an extent that it should be considered as toxic like alcohol and tobacco. Several studies determined that frequent consumption of sugar is the cause of more than 35 million deaths worldwide each year, since in addition to being highly linked with the appearance of diabetes also is related to the development of other chronic problems like cancer.
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The harmful effects of sugar consumption include the following: diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hyper and hypoglycemia, reflux, GERD and heart disease. In terms of its link with the development of cancer, sugar remains a target of research and lots of experiments, which, with the passing of the years, have been able to sustain that indeed there is a strong relationship between sugar consumption and the development of cancer.

In the conventional medical community, they have always promoted the idea that the link between the consumption of certain types of food and the development of cancer is “weak” because it is considered that in this relationship there are no valid medical patterns. However, while discussing this topic, a large number of medical scientists and many alternative doctors know how to treat cancer in an efficient, safe and economic way, it is key to cut off the supply of certain foods that stimulate tumors and cancer cells, as in the case of glucose. This therapeutic strategy is intended to “kill hunger” tumors by modifying the diet, which is a key point to win the battle against cancer.

One of the first to discover that cancer feeds up from sugar were the Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute researchers. In research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, added that since 1923 has been known that tumor cells need more glucose than normal cells.

The research explains how this process is carried out and how consumption can be adjusted to control the growth of the tumor.
On the other hand, an investigation of Dr. Thomas Graeber and his colleagues, published in 2012 in the journal Molecular Systems Biology, could demonstrate that depriving cancer cells of active glucose leads its death, due to the toxic accumulation of reactive oxygen species.

The consumption of refined sugars is closely linked with cancer, because in addition to being one of its causes, also nourishes cancer cells when the patient has already developed the disease. These findings should be taken into account in cancer treatments, as they can possibly help to improve outcomes. When cancer cells manage to establish themselves in the body, they depend on the availability of stable glucose for its energy.

Everyone can do something to prevent cancer and eliminate easily guilty obvious as it is the case of consumption of refined sugars. Although it is clear that food is not the only factor that can trigger the disease, the truth is that it plays a very important role, although many consider that it is not so.

Each of us must be aware of the damage that we do to our body with excessive consumption of carcinogenic foods such as refined sugar, and consider reducing it, or eliminate it completely from the diet. Recall that this sugar is present in many of the foods that we consume on a daily basis: cakes, candy, cookies, desserts, some cereals, bread, or sauces, among others.